Empowering Yourself
Second Edition

ISBN: 0-7575-2294-7

About The Author

Harvey J. Coleman, for the
last thirty years has worked for
or consulted with many Fortune
100 Corporations, major
governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions in the
United States and abroad. He
has consulted with Great Britain's House of Lords, taught
managers in over twenty-five
different countries and
was elected Atlanta, Georgia's
first Small Businessman of
the Year

The message in Empowering Yourself, The Organizational Game Revealed is an absolute necessity for success in both career and life. It applies to every person who is working or pursuing a job. This book is a must for people in every profession including business, military, government, non-profit, and entrepreneurs.

Teachers and professors are using Empowering Yourself as course material in both high school and college classrooms.  We have had companies order 300-500 books to give to their employees.  Some companies in other countries provide this book to employees who must interface with the United States.

Millions of people all over the world have been told work hard and you'll get ahead.  But often hard work goes unnoticed and others who have not worked as hard as you have moved on leaving you behind.  If this has happened, then you are a candidate for this book.

Empowering Yourself gives a blueprint plan on how to avoid the glass ceiling.  This book, as never before, takes you into the critical area of the unwritten rules that are so important in a successful career or life.  You must and will understand how the system works and how the game is played.  After all, it is impossible to win at any game if you do not know the rules!

Features of Empowering Yourself include:

  • A "Success Formula" that goes beyond just working hard

  • An explanation of the socio-economic class levels and their relationship to professional success

  • A look at the role that power and leadership have on achieving personal career objectives

  • A review of the benefits that empowerment can have on personal and organizational success

Please read the reviews for Empowering Yourself or read an excerpt from the book.

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Please refer to ISBN # 0-7575-2294-7

Please Note: The first edition of Empowering Yourself is now out of print.


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